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Divorce Counseling/Coaching

Separating and divorcing spouses face enormous emotional stress. Divorce is one of life's most difficult and stressful events and requires a trained professional for a successful outcome. Do you need help learning how to move on after divorce? Divorce is painful and triggers a personal emotional crisis which may cause you difficulty in thinking things through clearly. Divorcing well will minimize the impact on the family system and ties that bind.

The emotional divorce process requires a qualified mental health provider. Lawyers can help you sort out your finances, property settlements and other legalities, but are untrained and ill-prepared to help with your emotional divorce. Whatever stage you are going through whether it be pre-divorce, separation, the divorce process or post-divorce, painful feelings must be dealt with in order to preserve your mental health. Grieving the loss of a marriage is similar to grieving the death of a loved one. While you are grieving the loss of your relationship it is not uncommon to become stuck in one of the five stages of grief. Whether you are the one departing or the one being left behind, Diane stands ready to help you work through your emotions and get back to optimal health so that you can build your new post-divorce life.

It is possible to put your divorce behind you with grace and dignity. Diane has the skills and training needed to guide you through the many challenges of divorce. She will help you stay focused during the divorce process and get you back on track and help you build a happy, satisfying post-divorce life. As a divorce coach Diane can support, motivate and guide you through the challenges of divorce.

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